Bikes, scooters and motorcycle rental in short and long-lasting


Monday to saturday :
9.30AM à 12.30PM / 2.30PM à 6.30PM
Sunday (june to august) :
10.00AM à 12.00PM / 5.00PM à 6.30PM

Rent of 2 wheels motorized


Number 1 in bike rental, Holiday bikes offers a great choice of bikes, scooters and motorbikes for any duration you might like : a day, a week or even a month, you'll have a bike at your disposal to enjoy "la Promenade des Anglais" and all "Côte D'Azur" the way you like it.

Location vélos et byciclettes
Bikes rental
Urban, mountain bike, racing bike oreven electrical bike, check our models starting 14 €
Location vélos et byciclettes
Scooters rental
From 50 to 400 cm3 we offer awesome scooter starting 26 €
Location vélos et byciclettes
Motorcycle rental from 125 to 1200 cm3, feel free to go wherever you want, starting 57 €

Location 2 roues en bord de Mer

Month rental
You want to have a new bike at your disposal for a longer period ? Get in touch with the closest Holiday bikes agency we offer you.